‘With Love and Light – Oliver’s Story’ Podcast


Ann Feloy was recently asked by Support After Suicide to be interviewed and part of their inspiring podcasts.

The podcast is a heartwarming chat with Ann Feloy, Oliver’s mum and the founder of Olly’s future, and Jo, a dear friend. They speak about and share Oliver’s story and the bright charismatic person he was. Ann talks about her experience of losing a son to suicide and Jo shares her unique experience of going from the stranger who witnessed Oliver’s suicide to now a very close friend of Ann.

Listen to ‘With Love and Light – Oliver’s Story’ and how Ann Feloy and Jo, a close friend, have been brought together through Oliver’s passing.


Latest news

The five movements of the Sinfonia

A beautiful Sinfonia (short symphony), inspired by Olly, went out on national radio for the first time on Monday,

World Premiere of the symphony ‘Seafaring Folk’ which was inspired by Oliver.

Played on BBC Radio 3 on the 18th January 2022 for the first time.

Highlights from 2021 in pictures

To all our friends and supporters. Wishing you all a very happy New Year. Pictured below are some