Dr SAMS (Suicide Awareness in Medical Students) is being rolled out at medical schools across England and Wales to all first-year medical students. The aim is for the doctors of tomorrow to take better care of themselves so that they will take better care of their patients.

Olly’s Future is delighted to have received funding from the British Medical Association for this initiative since 2020.


As part of Dr SAMS, medical students are offered the chance to attend one or all of the three different sessions that make up this pioneering initiative, as follows: 

Talking About Suicide: 10 Tools

A 90-minute suicide prevention training session, delivered via Zoom, provides participants with the essential tools to initiate a conversation around suicide.

Guided Self-CareSpaces

These 90-minute sessions help participants develop and practise self-compassion and self-reflective practices. They are facilitated by experienced practitioners and delivered via Zoom.

MENtal Health Open Mic Nights

These are great at giving students a chance to come together in a relaxed environment, often on campus, to share their experiences of their own mental health. It’s a chance to listen and learn too. It’s an open mic night with a difference. To read more about this initiative please click here 

How to book Dr SAMS for your Medical School

If you would like to know more about how to roll out Dr SAMS (Suicide Awareness in Medical Students), please email [email protected]k

Lobbying the government for suicide prevention training for all medical students

Oskar Shortz, Vice Chair of Olly’s Future, Ann Feloy, CEO, and Professor Faye Gishen, Director of UCL Medical School pictured after speaking to Policy Unit members.

Ann Feloy talks about the Dr SAMS (Suicide Awareness in Medical Students)

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