Olly’s Future goes to No 10.

Oskar Schortz, Vice-Chair of Olly’s Future, Ann Feloy, CEO and Founder, and Prof Faye Gishen, Director of UCL Medical School, were invited to No 10 to talk to Policy Unit advisors about suicide prevention training for medical students. Olly’s Future now delivers its Dr SAMS (Suicide Awareness is Medical Students) programme to six medical schools in England and Wales, and is calling for government backing in ensuring all medical students have core curriculm training in talking to patients about suicide. The British Medical Association (BMA) has funded some of this work alongside medical schools themselves but Ann Feloy, Founder and CEO, is calling for a national strategic vision to reduce suicides. https://ollysfuture.org.uk/dr-sams-suicide-awareness-in-medical-students/

The meeting at the PM’s residence, followed on from Ann being awarded a Points of Light award by the PM Office. https://www.pointsoflight.gov.uk/ollys-future/

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