MENtal Health Open Mic Night last night at UCL

Ollys Future was formed in loving memory of Olly Hare who studied at UCL

If you missed our amazing Open Mic Night, facilitated by the wonderful @ayesh__b  & @tinys_creations_ here is a chance to catch up.

This mic night was created to help the UCL community cultivate a safe space for discussing their mental health about 6 six years ago. On March 6th 2023 we were able to host  an amazing experience for 2023 , by hosting an event which surpassed all expectations . We were joined by UCL medical students  and supporters to help normalize conversations surrounding  mental health . 

Thank you to @theolileightrust for helping our vision come to life with your generous funding . Thank you to @ucl_redstarfc for giving us access to such an important area on campus and offering access to food and drink. 

Our wonderful @scottleigh1, thank you for taking time to speak about your experience with mental health while helping to support your community to do the same . 

MENtal Health Open Mic Night last night at UCL

An evening of poetry, spoken word & discussion to explore mental health and raise awareness of suicide prevention🧡

Thank you to everyone who made this such an amazing night.

Facilitators Yvette Gloria Santana & Ayesha Begum

Thank you for the funding The Oli Leigh Trust & UCL Red Star Fc

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