I spent many precious years living with Olly in Middleton A, a boarding house at Christs Hospital. We first me in the Middleton A day room at 11 years old as we were welcomed to the place we’d spend the next 7 years of our lives. As Olly would sometimes remind me I was sat in a bright blue top with Bart Simpsons face emblazoned across the front. Over the years my style evolved as we went on to lead a marching band together, play countless games of tennis, belt out songs in the chapel choir and talk late into the night about anything and everything – something only possible with great friends. Our friendship continued into our university years in London, the place I was when I heard of Ollys’s passing. It’s a day that will never leave me, but being a part of Olly’s Future gives me confidence that his legacy will shine on. I live in Finsbury Park, London and work as an innovation consultant.