KMFM News | Ann Feloy of Olly’s Future talks about Medical Students’ Mental Health


The feeling of connection then that they have with the other people that are on their course is phenomenal, actually, because I think so often we hide things, we struggle along. We don’t actually share what we’re thinking, particularly medical students, because obviously, their role is to support to others. And often they need to look after themselves. In particular, they could suffer from burnout exam stress. It’s a huge pressure in that degree course and a lot of high achievers.

Just like my own son. He had got a first at UCL and that was just six months before he died. It was incredible. Hybrid achiever. Quite a perfectionist and very well thought out and sort of thought about.

And that’s the sort of person that we see often, who they are at risk of suicide. Sometimes they’re not immune.

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