EMMA BAARS joins Olly’s Future as new CEO

EMMA BAARS joins Olly’s Future as new CEO
EMMA BAARS joins Olly’s Future as new CEO

Olly’s Future has appointed Emma Baars as its first paid Chief Executive Officer. She takes over from Ann Feloy, who founded the suicide prevention charity in memory of her son who died by suicide five years ago when he was 22 years old. 

Ann will continue as Chair of the national charity, working closely with Emma but stepping back from the day-to-day running – which she has done on a voluntary basis, since shortly after losing her son. 

Emma joins Olly’s Future – named after Oliver Hare – during the week it was awarded almost £10,000 from the Department of Health and Social Care’s Suicide Prevention Fund to work with Sussex Police to co-produce four ‘ Life-Saving Conversations’ as a suicide prevention audio training tool. These scripted conversations, recorded by actors, will equip police officers with the skills to help vulnerable members of the public who may be at the point of ending their lives. 

It’s a great honour to be appointed CEO at Olly’s Future. I can see the love and light that emanates from Olly’s life and the profound impact he had on those who knew him. I recognise that this is the driving force behind the charity’s crucial work to prevent suicides of young people, in particular, and increase wellbeing through the arts. Olly’s Future has coined the phrase ‘growing at pace with a smile on our face’ and it’s my aim to help this vibrant and dynamic organisation grow sustainably, reaching more and more people with its culture-changing initiatives and training.

Emma Baar – Olly’s Future CEO

Emma, who lives in Worthing, Sussex, is a qualified and registered Social Worker, training originally in child protection. Her mother was a social worker, as was her grandmother – so she grew up with a strong sense of the role that groups, communities, and society play in our lives. 

She has over 14 years of experience in the voluntary sector and in senior leadership roles. She has managed and delivered residential adventure breaks for disabled children, developed national support services for families bereaved through military service, developed specialist child bereavement services with Winston’s Wish charity and for the last five years has been a senior leader in well-respected charities, namely Deputy CEO at Together Co and Development Manager at Community Works. 

Ann, also from Worthing, said: “We are delighted to be welcoming Emma to our Olly’s Future family. She is joining a wonderful team of staff and freelancers, delivering our pioneering programmes such as Practise Hope, working with GP practices to help children and young people who may be self-harming or thinking of suicide, and Dr SAMS (Suicide Awareness in Medical Students). 

“I know Oliver and Emma would have got on like a house on fire and she is going to fit in perfectly with all of Oliver’s friends who make up the steering board. She has all the dynamism and energy we need. With less of my time spent running the charity, I can turn my hand to a long-awaited desire to write a book based on Oliver’s incredible travel journals and looking after my beautiful grandson Magnus. 

“Through Olly’s Future, we have created the most positive legacy and ‘future’ for my son from out of the most dreadful tragedy. The time is now right for me to let others take up the reins.” Further information: Emma Baars – CEOs: +44 7921 778659 [email protected] Or: Ann Feloy – Founder and Chair: +44 7809 697495 [email protected]

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