Chopin’s Dentist (dedicated to Olly)

We dedicate this film in loving memory to Oliver Hare – French dentist Dr Philippe Riegert is on a mission into his family’s past to discover if his great-great-grandfather was Chopin’s dentist. He has followed in his forebears’ footsteps in being the local dentist in the village of Ardentes in central France. He has four teeth and primitive dental tools which his great-great grandfather passed down through the generations and Philippe believes these are vital clues in his quest to discover the truth. He sets out for England to visit a forensic odontologist to help him identify ‘Chopin’s’ teeth and decides to visit Worthing in Sussex, to be reunited with his old host family ‘Mum and Dad’ who live in the traditional seaside town. (Narrated by Matthew Jure).

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